Co-Pilots, LLMs and other helpful AI assistants are the end of how open source is currently organized

For a non-technical reader it might all read like kerfuffle, but the point here is that LLMs are used to generate bullshit descriptions of other people’s software projects for a software catalogue. People ask why and if it really is the case? The descriptions can’t be right, are they? In the thread they get gaslit by another bot. Finally people figure out together that half the descriptions are fake, insecure, misleading or otherwise wrong. An impressively depressing discussion of the proper use of LLMs ensues.

Finally the techbro that set up this ecosystem of madness takes it all down and blames the people that wanted to opt out from it.

We chose AI generation to give us more time to work on the tool because that’s what we care about.

They don’t matter to our mission and honestly we’re a little confused about this reaction. We respect your opinions and are sorry we upset so many by using AI.

Sometimes it is a good thing if your infrastructure actually doesn’t scale.

tl;dr, netlify, a cloud company for hosting static sites, sends a user of their “free” tier a 150K USD bill after a song they uploaded apparently goes viral somewhere in the world.

With elections looming worldwide, here’s how to identify and investigate AI audio deepfakes

Governable Spaces book

This week the PDF was released open access.

In Governable Spaces, Nathan Schneider argues that the internet has been plagued by a phenomenon he calls “implicit feudalism”: a bias, both cultural and technical, for building communities as fiefdoms. The consequences have spread far beyond online spaces themselves. Feudal defaults train us to give up on our communities’ democratic potential, inclining us to be more tolerant of autocratic tech CEOs and authoritarian politicians. But online spaces could be sites of a creative, radical, and democratic renaissance. Schneider shows how the internet can learn from governance legacies of the past to become a more democratic medium, responsive and inventive unlike anything that has come before.