Tool Shed: Borrowing, Maintaining, Shedding

I will be speaking at evening about tool reuse, maintenance and shedding as part of the Toolshed Fellowship at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

From 19:00 - 21:00


The third event around the Tool Shed focuses on the further versioning and spreading of the Tool Shed, which has been developed in the previous months as part of Collecting Otherwise. This gathering underlines the iterative, communal and accessible nature of the Tool Shed, where knowledge, wisdom and resources (as tools) can be cared for and exchanged. Invited speakers and Fellows of the Nieuwe Instituut,, and members of the Collecting Otherwise Working Group will join. The evening will be moderated by Setareh Noorani and Delany Boutkan.

How can we not only offer an intellectual space but also a practice space, for various audiences - and consider change-making in our archival collections/historical legacies as a collective process? Speakers

  • Members of
  • Setareh Noorani
  • Delany Boutkan
  • Anya Naumova
  • Members of the Collecting Otherwise Working Group is an online platform by and for the lumbung-interlokal and lumbung artists. Many of the artists and collectives invited for documenta fifteen are located far away from each other, with their own contextual realities and vulnerabilities. To be able to work together over such distances, the act of documenting the process, writing together, and keeping each other informed within the network is one of the most important parts of the process of building the lumbung. This process is known as harvesting. Thus, was made to provide a number of tools and a collective publishing outlet for this diverse network to experiment and share the collective processes through harvests. Like a vibrant archive and a digital living room, it allows connection, support, and sharing of knowledge.

Members of will join the evening and talk about their tools: from what they borrowed, how they maintain them and what they decided to shed and why.

Collecting Otherwise

Throughout 2023, Collecting Otherwise focused on the Tool Shed, a generative space for archival researchers and audiences alike, in which (new) ‘tools’ for archives, archival communities and collections are tested and intensively applied onto case studies.


The Tool Shed does not build with a fixed outcome in mind, but rather exists as a testing ground and work space for archival research and methodologies. The Collecting Otherwise Tool Shed, on the moment of writing, comprises of the thus far identified and developed tools: Archival Care Rider, Asterisk*, Oral Histories/Herstories, Mapping Collective Memories, Trans-Institutional Supra Archive, the Network Archive, as well as process-oriented learnings from spin-off projects Resituating Colonial Archives, Sonneveld Paducah, and the Collecting Otherwise Working Group.