Talk for Digital Solidarity Networks

Digital Solidarity Networks was a talk series organized by Varia seeking ’to collectively relearn how digital tools co-shape everyday lives and cultural events’1. For the second edition, LURK was invited to elaborate on our experiences running

The event was structured in to a talk and small workshop, which was co-organized with Manetta Berends and Cristina Cochior.

In the talk, we discussed the various tools that hosts2. In addition, we outlined how one can consider alternative infrastructures to be either drop-in replacements to existing software or software that really creates novel relations. The former allows one-for-one substitutions, but it leaves many of the dynamics (such as between hoster and user or product and user) intact.

The workshop was a speculative exercise in listing needs and requirements for a self-organized and shared event calendar network between different cultural institutions.

Read more about Digital Solidarity Networks and our talk in the Digital Solidarity Networks reader(mirror), or on Varia’s website:

digital solidarity networks event illustration, by varia
digital solidarity networks event illustration, by varia