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Telewar zine

A research project done in collaboration with Micha Prinsen and Dave Young that took place during a three week residency at Upominki Rotterdam. During this period, then emerging traces of ‘drone culture’, were collected and exhibited to give viewers an understanding of the phenomenon.

At the time the use of drones was not yet widely discussed and one had to resort indirect sources in order to get an understanding of the scope of their use, the parties involved and the nomenclature employed.

A collection of uniform patches worn by military units operating drones. The patches have been purchased on-line.

Examples of these indirect sources are uniform insigna designed and worn by soldiers who work with drones, or the slang that these people speak.

A glossary of 'dronespeak'

The glossary of ‘dronespeak’ was assembled from official statements, social media sources and press releases and gives insights into the world view of the drone

At the time of the research residency the Israeli-Palestinian war flared up again. We mapped out the israeli defence force’s social media use on a timeline.

This residency resulted in a zine exploring the networked and mediatic elements of contemporary warfare: Telewar