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The 24th and 25th of October Dennis de Bel and me attended the Radical Networks conference at NYU Polytechnic organised by Sarah Grant These very intensive two days where a gathering moment for a lot of different projects that worked on ‘different’ networks, in a multitude of ways. To this day I keep discovering super interesting talks on the livestream archive that I missed that weekend. During these two days we hosted a workshop on how to do low-cost packet radio with contemporary devices and gave a talk about other networking projects we did. Below the invitation for the workshop and some images.

Before there was the internet there was a wireless internet. In this (non-FCC approved) workshop we will look back to ALOHANET, AMPRNET and examine the phenomenon of packet radio. The workshop will be a hands-on, interactive demonstration of the possibilities of packet radio and the workflow/toolchain. We will go into both historical and contemporary examples and try to set up a little network on the spot.

Participants will learn how to utilize commercial walkie-talkie radios and free software to transmit and receive TCP/IP over HF or UHF radio. In other words, internet via walkie-talkie, because yes, that’s possible. Looking beyond the usual “When Shit Hits The Fan Scenario’s” we will discuss the true potential and shortcomings of these 6km+ range wireless ‘routers’. Depending on the wishes of the participants we can either do a demo and go through the steps and requirements of setting this up for themselves or help set up participant’s own equipment to create one big offline network.

Participants will get a small publication that is both an introduction into the concept as well as a practical guide on how set up your internet over walkie talkie. Each participant will get one copy as a reference etc for when they want to do their own experiments. (from here)

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