Back To The Future Of The Internet

Low-Tech Magazine explores techniques of the past and combines them with the knowledge of today to propose more sustainable futures. Based on this idea, Kris de Decker and Roel Roscam Abbing organize an evening exploring concepts from the Internet’s history that can help create a more sustainable future internet.

With talks by Kris De Decker, Roel Roscam Abbing and Tim Rodenbröker.

How about systems where independent publishers could own their platform? Or what about media where you actually get to see posts from those you follow?

The evening will start with short talks and then make space for a larger discussion and chats over a drink. Are you curious what fresh ideas from the past can tell us about the future and who are the people working on them? Join us for Back To The Future Of The Internet.

On Wednesday 21st of February, 18.30 at Akasha Hub, Barcelona, Spain.

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Poster design by Johanna Gratzer.