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A guided bustour of internet infrastructure in Eemshaven

INFRASTRUCTOURS Whenever you search something on Google, contact your friends through Facebook or find a product on Amazon you are using a part of the internet commonly known as the cloud. The word cloud makes the internet seem abstract, weightless and virtual. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Every search you do, message you send is stored somewhere, on a computer, housed in a building.

In september 2014 Google announced that it would extend its cloud by building a new datacenter in the Eemshaven in Groningen. Artist Roel Roscam Abbing takes this occassion to organize an Internet Infrastructour, a guided bustour of the physical side of the cloud on the13th of december 2015. The tour will take us to and through the Eemshaven, the port and industrial zone where the datacenter is being built. On the way we will learn to read the landscape to see the otherwise unnoticable infrastructures. We will pay attention to the elements in the Groningen environment that make a datacenter thrive, such as the precense of sufficient power, fibre-optic lines and a hospitable climate (in terms weather, politics and taxes).

This project is part of Parrhesia, the courage of the truth in the transparant society project organised by SIGN.

When: Sunday 13th of December 2015 From: 13.00 - 15.00 hrs. Free of charge! But please subscribe before: 8th of December or call 0623631796

Departure SIGN: 13.00 hr. Winschoterkade 10, Groningen 050-3132651 Gathering: 12.30 hr. With coffee & tea Back in SIGN: 15.00 hr. Afterwards in SIGN: Banquet long fork performance Sulsolsal.